Interested in meeting me?

read below before contacting:

Acceptable Contact Methods: My only method of first contact is via my booking form below. I will not respond to emails containing screening information. P411 members are also required to fill out my booking form.

Screening Requirements: There are no exceptions to my screening requirements, period. If you are uncomfortable providing all of the required information below, including your full legal name, do not waste your time contacting me, as you will not receive a response. Burner numbers, aliases and fake names are unacceptable and easily identifiable. I’ve been a top rated companion In Chicago with a stellar reputation for five years and am not interested in your information except for screening purposes and my own safety.

Screening for Compatibility: I am very particular about who I meet and screen just as much for compatibility as for my own safety. First impressions are everything. You have a much better chance of meeting me if you take the time to not only provide me with all of the required information for screening but to present yourself as a gentleman. Innuendos are tacky and vulgarity is an absolute deal-breaker. If you make me uncomfortable in your communication, even after screening, I will not hesitate to decline your appointment request.

Assistant: I do not use an assistant, screener, or a booking agent. You will always communicate with me personally, and no one else will see your information.

Response Time: Allow me 48 hours to respond to appointment requests and communication. I have a career outside of this world that is my main focus. Same-day appointments are never available. If you consistently email me asking for same-day I will block further communication.

Age Requirement: I will only see gentleman 35 years old and over. This is a personal preference, and no further explanation is necessary. Exceptions are occasionally made only if you have stellar references from reputable ladies who I know personally. If not, I will not see you.

References: All references are not created equal. Acceptable references are reputable independent ladies with detailed websites who are established within the industry. Do not provide ladies’ phone numbers, as I only correspond via email. I do not accept agency references.

Employment Information: I have a discrete method of contacting your employer to verify employment information that has never been a problem for anyone. If you are self-employed, unfortunately I have no way to verify you and cannot see you without required references.

Post-Screening: The above rules may sound harsh, but please believe that they are necessary. Once you pass screening, I promise that you will meet the friendly, laid-back, and fun-loving girl that you’ve heard about!


Full Legal Name *
Full Legal Name
To be verified with your identification upon meeting
35 years old and over only
Your personal cell phone, not a burner phone or app. I will never call you unless we have agreed upon it.
No agency references and no phone numbers - websites of independent ladies only
Verifiable employment information only; self-employment is not acceptable
I do not host, and will only come to your 4 or 5 star hotel. No private residences.
(Not required, but helpful in establishing potential chemistry)