Q: How can I be sure that my information is safe with you?

A: Please understand that I have no interest in your personal information other than for screening purposes and dispose of it appropriately afterwards. I always prefer email and will never text you unless we have agreed upon the date/time beforehand. Similarly, please do not text me unless we have agreed. I do not talk on the phone with anyone, for any reason. Respect the fact that I have a professional career and a private life, and I will do the same for you.

Q: How will you be dressed? / Can I make an outfit request?

A: I do not take outfit requests. For public time, trust that I will be dressed appropriately for the situation/venue. 

Q: What if we run into a work colleague or someone I know when we are out together?

A: If you are worried about this, I have a believable back story that we can discuss beforehand. 

Q: Are you willing to sign a confidentiality agreement?

A: For very high profile clients, a confidentiality agreement is a possibility. Inquire via email.

Q: What is your real job? / Where did you go to college? / What is your real name?

A: Boundaries are essential. Please be aware that sharing your personal information with me for screening does not entitle you to my personal information. Anything that I may share with you should be held in confidence and not repeated to other companions, on the boards, social media, etc. 

Q: Can I bring some wine or champagne to share during our engagement?

A: You are welcome to bring something to drink during our time together, but please understand that I will never have more than a glass or two. I am a social drinker and "partying" of any kind will not be tolerated. If the bottle is not opened in front of me, I will not partake.

Q: Do you allow photo or video during our engagement?

A: Absolutely not, nor will I ever send face pics.

Q: I filled out your booking form/emailed you my request but haven't heard back from you. What's going on?

A: Please allow 48 hours for a response from me. If I have not replied within 48 hours, either you did not fill out the booking form in it's entirety, you omitted required screening information in your email, or I have determined that we would not be a good match. Additionally, vulgarity in communication will result in no response from me.

Q: How do I get access to your Members Only page?

This section of my website is for established clients in good standing who I have met within the past year or those who have been pre-screened for a future appointment.

Q: Are you planning to travel to XYZ city soon?

A: I do not tour. I receive many emails asking if I plan to travel to random cities, and the answer is always no. In that case you are welcome to request a Fly Me To Your City date. If you would like advance notice of any travel plans please sign up for my Newsletter.

Q: Will you meet me for a drink off the clock? Come to a Cubs game with me for free since you like baseball so much? Travel with me on vacation for a discounted rate? 

A: I have a zero tolerance policy for anyone asking for free time or discounts. Any attempts to negotiate for free time or discounts will result in blocked communication and no subsequent meetings.

Q: Is tipping or bringing a gift required?

A: No, but it is definitely appreciated and will not go unnoticed. If you would like to bring me a gift or send an e-gift card, please refer to my gifts page here.

Q: I would like to invite another lady to our engagement. Can I make a suggestion or do you have certain ladies who you will work with?

A: I have several friends who I can bring for double, or even triple, the fun. If you have a lady in mind who I have not met, I would need to meet her beforehand to assess chemistry. I do not meet with couples.